Vehicle Electric Sensors

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Dawi Industrial Precision Company manufactures, replicates and assembles precision molds for electric sensors in accordance with the requirements of sensor specialist companies who supply vehicle electric sensors. We have a proven track record in insert molding and precision mold production/replication for direct molding for electric sensor modules and assembly parts.

  • We boast over 10 years of satisfying customers with quality production, mass production, small-scale multi-item production and prompt supply in accordance with the JIT systems of customers.
  • Our products are used in vehicles produced by the 5 Korean automotive companies through sensor specialist companies and electric system companies.
  • We are also producing electric products for overseas after-markets and supplying to the American region through sensor specialist companies and system supply companies that are our clients.

Our Product Applications

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Technological Capacity

Dawi Industrial Precision Company takes pride in its technological excellence in precision mold production/replication

  • Specialization in plastic precision molding and precision replication
  • Operation based on mold-flow simulation data for ideal replication conditions
  • Precision measurement technology
  • Coil module insertion and direct molding
  • Hall IC module insertion and direct molding
  • Connector/cable/harness insertion and molding
  • Currently preparing for replication machine processing parts, die-casting items and soldering assembly items
  • High-performance precision controller for replication conditions (temperature, time, pressure)
  • Human resources with extensive experience in precision mold production

Applicable Markets

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Medium-large trucks
  • Construction equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Sports cars
  • Motorbikes